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Web Site Hosting:

Many hosting companies have many different plans (cafeteria style) that is confusing to many customers, making it hard to make a decision. Limitations on web space, bandwidth, traffic, email accounts, etc.  To get all of what you need in services there are add-on costs that surprisingly add up. Many hosting companies have a high turnover of customers. They stay 3-6 months and it is common for customers to hop from hosting provider to provider for many reasons..

What are Web Hosting Servers?

In its simplest form, a web site server is the same as your personal desktop computer just higher quality and connected to the internet with high speed access. Web sites are allocated like a folder in your computer and you are given access to that folder. Your domain name that is registered is then pointed to that directory on the computer. Thus your web site files from that folder are displayed when someone visits using your domain name. Special programs running on these computers handle your web site, email accounts, ftp access, databases, etc, just like the different programs installed on your computer. Every computer has limitations on how many programs/processes it can run at the same time. Many times hosting providers pack hundreds of domains names/web sites on a single computer thus slowing down its ability to serve web pages.

Why Co-op Web Hosting?

We can provide all of your needs in place. Domain name registration, Web site design, web site hosting, email, ecommerce, etc.
We extend our services well beyond what is considered normal.
We discuss with potential clients to see where they are and where they want to go to.
We want our customers to stay with us for years.
We expect our customers to call and email us with questions and ask for support.
When our clients grow - we grow. Its all about cooperation between businesses in working together as a team.
We don't believe in pre-setting limitations and we balance our servers to handle the needs of our clients.
We have an A rating with the BBB with never a single complaint in our history.

Call Us to discuss your needs at: 800-860-0044
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Co-op Web Hosting
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