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There are many avenues to do advertising, marketing and promotion on the internet. There are basic concepts that should be done before internet marketing is pursued so you can target to your specific company needs. First insure that your domain name and email addresses are on your business cards, company letterhead, fax letterhead and answering machines.

Understand there are hundreds of so called SEO (search engine optimization) businesses out there. Realize that most of them do not know what they are doing and when they say they will get you into the top 10 on 20 search engines with your supplied list of 50 keyword phrases that that really is a no brainer as with any web site the odds of getting into the top 10 means 1000 combinations and is very simple to do. This does not mean you will get any more traffic and you will pay hundreds for this simple service. We do this basic service on all web sites we design. After all its part of web designing.

Another area you should be wary of is many SEO people use cheat methods. This means they use the latest cheat methods that the search engines don't check for. This will get you into the top 10 but in a few months the search engines figure out whats going on and ban those activities so then you have to pay hundreds more for the next cheat method if you haven't gotten banned for using them in the first place and you bounce up and down with traffic. This is not good.

We develop web sites and do marketing for the search engines based on how the search engines think. The object is for you to grow on the search engines naturally and honestly this takes a lot of time to properly structure your web site. natural search engine listings bring you consistent traffic and growth over time without the high costs of sporadic marketing.

Insure that your web designer has properly created the metatags on all of your web pages that are unique to each page (do not use the same metatags on every page or you will be penalized). Basically you are ready for promotion and marketing on the internet. This can be very time consuming and when done right can be very rewarding. The concept is to target your client specifically with no leeway for being generic. Marketing on the internet is just like any other marketing media.

Our team members are professionals in the marketing/promotional aspects of the internet.

Here is some information about search engine marketing:

Search Engines: Where to submit.

Making your web site effective: Metatags, page content, contact information, menu structure, conclusions

Do it yourself tools for helping your website: google and yahoo tools, keyword density, link popularity, web page checker.

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